A 26 year odfl Atlanta woman, who is being described as a popular Instagram model died yesterday after being ejected from a Lamborghini in Buckhead, MTO News confirmed. Police are now trying to figure out if Catherine Khan was pushed out of the moving car.

The incident happened late Monday night – after Catherine got drunk at a bar, stripped off her clothes, and, started fighting with a man in front of the man’s Lamborghini. 

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At some point, they both got into the Lamborghini, where police say the altercation continued.

Here’s video of Catherine and the man fighting:

When the vehicle reached the Buckhead intersection of the Peachtree and Piedmont roads,Catherine was ejected from the Lambo.

Paramedics rushed her to Grady Memorial Hospital, where doctors sadly couldn’t save her life. Police said she wasn’t shot, stabbed, or run over by any other vehicles.

Detectives said it’s too early to know if the victim was pushed out of the Lamborghini or maybe jumped to escape the fight. They’re looking at nearby surveillance video and talking to witnesses, hoping to piece together what happened.

Here are some images of Catherine:

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